How do we book your models and staff?

There are two ways to book our models, staff and talent. Contact us via phone or visit our online bookings page.  Once we’ve discussed the event and all the details regarding it, we require a signed agreement and a $300 deposit to secure the booking.

Will you do private events?
We do private events at public venues. Our models and staff will only be hired for events where there are guests attending. For safety reasons, we are unable to do events at your home, hotel rooms or the like.

Can I supply the models with attire or request attire?
Yes, the models can wear your branded merchandise or any other costume/attire you would like. You need to provide these for them to wear and/or indicate if you would like for Sugar Models Inc to purchase it on your behalf and then add this to your bill.  We have a variety of costumes that the models can wear for an additional cost. 

Are there any hidden expenses I should be aware of?
We charge a flat rate for the models, supervisors, staff and additional talent you may require. The only expenses you would be required to pay is for bottle of waters at the event and parking if necessary and/or travel expenses at a rate of $0.50/km if model/staff are required to drive more than a 50km distance to the event. Any additional requests such as costumes and the like will be either provided by you or if you would like Sugar Models Inc can source/purchase it on your behalf and then add this to your bill.

What if my event runs longer than the times we booked?
If your event runs overtime, please contact the model manager or supervisor assigned to you. They will coordinate with the models to see if it’s possible to have the models stay longer. Most of the time this is possible but sometimes our models are booked for another event after yours so it’s based on their availability. Additional fees apply at an hourly rate per model. Please note that we do not charge per half hour so round up your time to the nearest hour.  The rate is $50 per model per hour. 

Can you take care of printing tickets?
Absolutely, we are able to print perforated and numbered tickets for your event. We will discuss the details to be printed on your tickets and send you a proof of what it will look like. Once you’ve approved this, you can pick up the tickets from the printer or we can have them delivered to you (shipping fee applies). 

Will the models work nude?
No, the models will not work nude. However we do offer body painting where the models will be physically topless but their torsos will be covered in paint.

Can I hire models to work in remote areas?
Yes, Sugar Models Inc’s staff and models will drive or fly to remote areas at the expense of the client.

What makes your company different from others?
There is no question, we are the industry’s best choice for a variety of events, here’s why:
• We have reliable staff and roster that not only show up to your event but work their hardest to make sure it’s a success!
• We have the flexibility to tailor your event to whatever specifications you desire. Since our team is made up of many talents we can help you in a variety of areas to ensure your event is a success. 
• We have a unique process called “ THE 6-STEP EVENT GAMEPLAN” that ensures that all aspects of your event are covered and executed to perfection.
• We have the hottest talent and promotional models on our roster.
• We pride ourselves on integrity and constant and open communication with you.
• Our rates are competitive and we will always work with you and your budget requirements.
• Our goal is to make sure your event is successfully managed and executed to your needs.
• You can always expect positive results from your event, just add a touch of Sugar and see what happens!

How does billing work?
We will provide you with a quote and once it’s approved we will send you an agreement for you to sign. Along with the signed agreement there is a $300 non refundable deposit to secure your date. The remaining balance is due the day of the event prior to the end of the event.  Any additional expenses, such as parking, will be issued via an invoice within one week after the event date and are due upon receipt.

Can we use the images from an event?
You may use the images from the event you hired us for to share with your guests.  The images must always include the Sugar Models Inc logo and legal line “Copyrights of Sugar Models Inc, not to be duplicated and distributed in part or in whole, all rights reserved”. You may not in any way gain financial profit from using these images. These images are property of Sugar Models Inc and may not be reproduced, resold, or published without the written permission of Sugar Models Inc.

What if I don’t have time to meet you and need to have an event in a hurry?
Don’t fret, we can help! We have executed many last-minute, day-of events. Traditionally, we require some time to plan and organize but our experience and streamlined process allows us to cover all the bases in order to deliver and execute most last minute requests easily and professionally. We will still walk you through our process over the phone and make sure all details are taken care of for you. There are some items that cannot be done within hours, such as printing, but other details such as booking models and staff are very easy to fulfill since our roster is quite large and flexible.

What if our event goes beyond midnight, who can we call for support?

Our Team will always be available when your event is occurring. Our team of supervisors can accommodate any event start or end time. If you choose to not hire an on-site supervisor for your event, there will always be a model manager available to call for support. We are available via mobile and can answer any questions or concerns you may have prior, during or after your event. This information will be given to you as part of “THE EVENT SURVIVAL GUIDE”.

For fundraising events do you take a cut of the profits?
We do not take any profits from any of our events. We charge a flat fee for our services and do not expect to gain any further financial income from fundraising events or the like. Clients usually give models tips for their work at the end of the event. This is to be paid directly to the models as an added bonus for them but Sugar Models Inc does not receive any additional funds.

Can we select the models we want to work with?
Yes you may make a model selection. Sugar Models Inc will try to accommodate your request. However, if the model you requested is not available or has a last minute cancellation, we reserve the right to send another model with comparable features in lieu of your original selection.

What is the minimum number of models and/or hours we can hire Sugar Models staff for?
The minimum number of hours for booking Sugar Models Inc’s models and staff is three hours. If your event is one hour, we will still charge for a three hour booking. The minimum number of models/staff you may hire is two. We cannot book one model alone at an event, if you require one model, that person will be accompanied by a supervisor at an additional cost.

What’s high fashion modeling versus promotional modeling?
When people think of “models” automatically they associate this with high fashion modeling, which is the cookie-cutter image of tall, thin & beautiful. High fashion modeling is very different from promotional modeling. The models have very strict requirements, they must be 5’8” or taller for females and 6’ or taller for males. There are specific weight and clothing size restrictions as models are required to fit a generic sample size. Their attitude or ability to talk to the public is not an issue. Their ability to walk well on a runway and accommodate designer sizes is what counts. Promotional modeling is a live events model. They not only must look a specific way (attractive, fit, well groomed, and average height) but they must act a specific way as well. Their attitude must be positive and energetic so as to attract more attention. They must also be well spoken and well mannered. All of our models are scrutinized for performance so you know they will be fantastic at your event.

Please feel free to call us for any additional questions you may have!